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TubeBaby is a digital simulation of a tube guitar amplifier. As such it features the standard controls found on a real amplifier, namely gain, bass, mid, treble, presence, master and a switch for activating the high gain mode of the preamp stage. The latest version also features a menu that lets you choose between three amplifier types, five cabinet emulations and the amount of high frequency passing through the power amp section. The menu can be accessed by clicking on the TUBEBABY logo in the upper left corner of the plugin.
TubeBaby is available as a freeware vst plugin for windows and can be used in every host application that supports vst plugins. The latest version is v. 1.0.1
The plugin was developped by me using Microsoft Visual C++ . All gui design was done by my beloved wife Mara.

Have fun,


DISCLAIMER: TubeBaby is freeware. You are hereby given the right to spread it all over the world as long as you keep the original software package intact i.e. include the readme, the original dll and the pdf document. I tried to take care to code this plug properly, nonetheless I hereby absolutely deny all responsibilty for anything this thing might do to your computer, your guitar, your speakers, your wife, your dog or anything else...

click here to download TubeBaby

Version history:
v. 1.0.1
- fixed a bug that caused the plug to require SSE support
- fixed a denormalization issue with gain or master turned to zero
v. 1.0
- added an option to bypass the cabinet emulation
- revamped the small combo cab emulation
- fixed automation not working (seems nobody ever used it)
- Redesigned Tonestack with coupled controls
- revamped the power amp stage again
- added another amp type
- added an option called Trebliness, that determines how much high end passes through the power amp stage
- optimized code to reduce cpu usage
v. 0.9
- redesigned oversampling filters
- revamped the cabinet emulation
- added four new cab types
- redesigned the tone stack
- redesigned the power amp stage
- added another amp type
- added an about box
- lots of internal code changes
- fixed a bug that sometimes caused strange sounds when activating the plugin
v. 0.2
- fixed denormalization issues
- added support for 88.2k and 96k sample rates
- switched compilers
- added a high gain switch, which when deactivated allows for more clean headroom
- lots of internal code changes
v. 0.12
- fixed a buffer initialization bug that caused a loud hiss when arming a track or activating input echo (thanks to PeteD for the bug report)
v 0.1
- initial release

Copyright notice:"VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH"